The 伯克利 Physics International Education (bpie) Program

The 伯克利 Physics International Education (bpie) Program

The Berkeley Physics International Education (bpie) Program partners with universities around the world to provide undergraduate international students an opportunity to study abroad at UC 伯克利 for one semester or one year. 

Through our University partnerships, selected students have the incredible opportunity to engage in academic and research settings to enhance their educational experience. Fall 2020 registration is now open.


bpie offers unique and exclusive opportunities for physics students:

Academic Opportunities

  • Study physics with some of the world’s brightest students and most distinguished faculty
  • Course offerings include quantum mechanics, atomic physics, solid state physics, biophysics, string theory, cosmology, thermal and statistical physics, data science and more at the #1 public university in the US
  • Complete UC 伯克利 courses that will count toward credit at students' home universities


  • Major Program designated advising with professional advisors in the UC 伯克利 Physics Department
  • Exclusive faculty-bpie student lunches which allow visiting students an opportunity to meet and hear from our faculty about their academic experience and research while enjoying lunch in a small and informal setting
  • Participate in research lab tours
  • Learn about research at our Annual bt365体育平台 and 毕业 Poster Sessions (Spring Semester)
  • Workshops on Applying to 毕业 School as International Students
  • Career Exploration Panels

Extracurricular Activities 

  • Hiking trips near campus
  • 电影郊游 
  • Opportunity to study in our incredible campus libraries
  • Access to the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) and over 100 student groups on campus
  • Unique opportunity to have the UC 伯克利 student experience!


  • Tours to the Lawrence Hall of Science
  • Scenic tours to the Pacific coastline
  • Field trips to near-by cities including San Francisco, Napa, Half Moon Bay, Monterey


点击这里 for more details about the bpie program.


Students from current partnerships at ShanghaiTech University, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Xi'an Jiaotong University, please email: 克劳迪娅·特鲁希略。

Other prospective students: 请在这里适用。

The deadline for Spring 2021 applications is October 26th, 2020.






Program cost is $21,900 for one semester; $43,800 for a full year.

$10,500 minimum needed for estimated housing expenses. Other living and miscellaneous expenses  (food, textbooks, travel, etc.) not included    
$825 estimated for health insurance
$100 international student fee

*Based on current rates thru July 2021


Expected course workload

12 UC 伯克利 semester units in one term in the Physics Department. This number of units is also needed for visa requirements. 


For additional program information and requirements, please contact: 

Director of 学生服务 and Director of bpie Program 

bpie Program Advisor and Coordinator


"Physics is an international enterprise built on partnerships among nations and their citizens. Particle physicists from around the globe come to CERN in Geneva to investigate the high-energy frontier.  Japan has led the world in the construction of massive neutrino detectors while China created an underground laboratory of unprecedented depth. The radiation left over from the Big Bang is detected by telescopes mounted in the Chilean desert. International students bring to my classroom the face and flavor of modern physics research - the diversity and collective talent we need to move the field forward."  
- Professor Wick Haxton, Physics Department Chair


Additional partner programs with the UC 伯克利 Physics Department

Participation in these programs is limited to enrollment in physics courses (pending availability). Space may be limited. They do not include any of the exclusive bpie Program features.
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